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Imagine this... we are stardust . We are vibration. We are a forever
evolving source of pure energy, as are all the things around us energy.

Energy that can be transformed and manifested to suit our purpose. Our purpose is a journey of unlimited possibility, a creation of ourselves and of our limitless potential.

You may be reading this for a reason.
You may have already started your journey.

Are you ready to realize what you can be?
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About Me

As a child, I grew up less fortunate. My father was a good man but never seemed to do well with finances. Often there would be times without gas or electricity in our home and we would find ourselves sitting in a candle lit room staying warm by a kerosene heater. Times always seemed tough and as a product of that environment I was constantly inundated with the notion of how hard it was to achieve success and that financial abundance was out of my reach. I perceived that  opportunity was only for the wealthy.

I had always struggled in school and our public school system was less than desirable, so with little hope of ever being anything other than blue collar, I dropped out of high school and resigned myself to living life’s struggle of mediocrity. It was in my early twenties when living in low rent apartments with nothing in the fridge, was when I decided that just getting by wasn't for me. Suddenly, it struck me that despite my conditioning I wanted and deserved more out of life. So, I put my attention to what I wanted, realized it as being obtainable, and eventually I was able to achieve a wonderful career as an effects artist for the feature film industry making a six figure income.

It was an innate understanding of the Universal Laws that came into play here. Believing in myself, thinking positive and letting go of old limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and just knowing things would be great. I was manifesting my future. In fact, the interview leading to my first job in the industry wasn't even scheduled for me. A friend of mine who was scheduled for the interview couldn't make it, so I took his place and in an instant, I was given the position. Looking back, so much of what seemed like luck was, in fact, the universe delivering what I was seeking.

Fast forward, my passion in the industry faded and I was seeking something new. I was led to a less glamorous yet successful career and I became a family man. I was very happy being a husband and dad. We had a beautiful house in an upper-mid class suburb and took wonderful Florida vacations. Life was perfect. Until one day my wife came to me with devastating news, she wanted a divorce. Shocked, because I knew that this would change my life forever.

I didn't see that coming. My heart sank to my stomach. I felt panic and helplessness. Devastated! What was so much a part of me was now gone, or so I thought. Yes, I was no longer to be a husband but, I was still a dad. What about the children? How are they going to take this? How do I salvage what I can? I went from living with my wife and kids in a big beautiful home to sleeping on my friend’s couch.  Another life change now had a much bigger challenge.  

Understanding that this was not just about me and what I wanted but, what’s best for the greater good, all of us! I was left wondering how could I look at this in a way that would allow me to move forward without resentment and with the least amount of disruption. I came to the understanding that I had to allow my wife to be herself and understand that if I were to choose to put negative energy into this fragile situation, then that's what I would get back in return.

After the realization that I had been innately using and applying The Universal Laws, I was then aware that I had the power to resolve any issues that came my way. Unfortunately, however, I did it alone without help or guidance. But, now you don't have to. I have been through it and now you have the benefit of leveraging my past experience to your advantage. Learning what I have in becoming a coach has given me specific tools to help others through their life challenges. And so I'd like to share what I have learned with you.

Please feel free contact me for a complimentary consultation and help session. Life has so much good in store for you! So come on and start manifesting your future now!

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